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Creating More Working Capital for Your Business

PayMe is a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use e-invoice payment solution. Developed by Aztec Exchange, a global provider of e-invoice finance products and services, PayMe is a “win-win” because:

Corporations can extend trade payable days, while minimizing impact on supplier liquidity

E-invoice providers now have a key differentiator in the market place and a sizable revenue opportunity

PayMe ensures early payment to suppliers, getting them their money faster

PayMe’s Early Invoice Payment Solution is a Win-Win


PayMe works with many corporations and suppliers across many industries: Entertainment, Beverage, Fresh Produce, Distribution, Fishing and more. Learn more.

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PayMe is easy-to-use and can be accessed on any device.
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What PayMe allows me to do is receive early payment on our invoices so I can recycle my cash to support more clients.

Joe Diggins

CEO , Deal Partners Logistics


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