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Early Invoice Payment Decreases Costs.
Increases Revenue.

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The Payment Solution to Secure Your Supply Chain. Easy to Use, Easy to See the Benefits.

PayMe is a zero cost way to secure your supply chain while decreasing costs and increasing revenue. Working within your supply-chain network, your suppliers can sell their invoices in exchange for early payment. For corporations like yours, the timeframe for payment remains unchanged, or even extended at your request. Since PayMe is cloud-based, it’s easy to deploy on virtually any e-invoicing platform.

How It Works

How PayMe Works


  • Extend trade payable days, while minimizing impact on supplier liquidity
  • Save time, effort and money with real-time access to invoice status, resulting in fewer calls to your accounts payable department
  • Stabilize your supply chain by offering working capital
  • Improve supplier loyalty and retention
  • Aid suppliers in emerging or new markets with improved cash flow

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