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Export Finance: When Your Bank Says No

Most every company, regardless of whether they’ve just opened their doors or have been in business for years, wants to expand.  But growing a business is a challenging undertaking. For those looking to spread into other countries, the challenge can be...

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Case Studies

PayMe Helps TNS Connect Expand Global Distribution

Leading consumer electronics global distributor, TNS Connect, faced a challenge after it landed the account to distribute the account to distribute a major consumer electronics brand in France.  While TNS was offering speedy delivery of goods, the payment of...


[CASE STUDY] Working Capital / Early Invoice Payment

Businesses face a common issue when it comes to their cash flow – they often have a short window to pay their invoices, while the companies they supply may not pay their invoices for months because of long invoice payment terms. This presents a problem when...


White Papers

[White Paper] Working Capital 101

Working capital is one of the most important ways you can measure the success of your company. With positive working capital, your business is positioned to pay bills, meet payroll demands, and, most importantly, grow. Download the White Paper to Learn: What...


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