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Transforming The Global
Supply Finance Market

Aztec Exchange provides global access to low-cost invoice discounting for suppliers and supply-chains underserved by traditional factoring and credit markets.

We offer solutions for:

Corporations can extend trade payable days, while minimizing impact on supplier liquidity

It provides e-invoice suppliers with a key differentiator in a crowded market place

It ensures early payment to suppliers, getting them their money faster

A Global Payments Leader

Aztec Exchange is a leading payment company dedicated to streamlining global supplier finance. Aztec was founded in 2012 by former Morgan Stanley and HSBC executives who were seeking ways to open up supply chain finance to SMEs. The company’s flagship service is PayMe – a reliable, cost-effective and easy-to-use early payment solution. With PayMe, suppliers can sell their invoices, for both domestic and international transactions, and receive working capital within days rather than weeks or even months. For corporate debtors, PayMe gives them the opportunity to secure their supply chain and better manage their operating capital. This innovative approach of PayMe helped land Aztec on Forbes Fintech 50, a list of leading companies that use technology to disrupt “the way we save, invest, spend and borrow.”

Dublin, Ireland

Corporate Headquarters

Los Angeles, CA

US Office

Los Angeles office - PayMe

Delaware, US

Tech Office

Delaware location - PayMe

Miami, FL

Latin American Office

Miami location - PayMe

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